23rd Nov - 7th Dec

Join Us Today in Our Design Lab 2.0 Beginners to Pro Version.

DESIGN LAB 2.0 MONOGRAM LOGO COURSE Will be handling some new interesting features for New and Pro Students. This is aimed at renovating the concept behind the Monogram logo designs we will make.

1. We introduced basic Logo sketch and Illustrator for beginners to understand how easy it is to make a logo from scratch.
2. Beginners and Pros can now learn the theory behind meshing gradients on a logo in forms and colour complimentary hierarchy.
3. For the sake of proper Monogram understanding, we included a mini-grid course to help students understand the technicality, measures, and how all of that work with monogram designs.
4. We also included the all-new Reel Logo presentation mockup animation course. Here we teach students the best practice to animate their mockups for better reach on Instagram and Facebook.

Aside from these Four major new features, we also proceeded with our Design Revision, Mockup Challenge, Daily extra business Classes, Access to our Resources Community, and Certificate for Monogram Design Class from Cater Graphix Academy.

This will be a Two Weeks Class, it will run from the 23rd Nov - the 7th Dec 2022. The registration fee is just N3,000 for all these features, and this begins immediately, as some students are already registered and in the group.

Registrations after 22nd Nov may be raised to N5,000
And for all our Pro students who have been purchasing our courses, supporting and encouraging us, we also say thank you for what you do. you were in our hearts while adding these new awesome features
Beginner - Pro
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The Colour Of Things.

We are making it easier for our designers to make their work shine with less hassle. Introducing Gradient Palate 1.0, Enjoy! More gradients will be updated this coming week

The Academy FAQs

So, some of the Frequently Asked Questions that may bother you have been answered. We answered most of these questions, so you don't have to ask them.
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